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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Semarang Rain Again

This morning the rain continued to fall on the city semarang winds starting at 4:30 until now. There are few roads in the city of Semarang in the stagnant water may be due to the increased water flow.

Here are photos of flooded roads:

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Make Spoiler in Blog

In the post "Morning walks in the Simpang Lima" I tried to use the spoiler in order that the reader of this blog does not run loading image.

Actually tips spoiler is long, since the new active again in the blog ..... no harm we share with each other, may be useful to all my friends.

Morning walks in the Simpang Lima (Semarang)

This morning my wife and morning walks in the Simpang Lima, leaving at 5:30 with fresh air but the weather was a bit cloudy. From home to Simpang Lima about 15 minutes.

Starting a new post

Have not shared the story on the blog, there may be 3 years older. Today is the last week of 2012, ditemenin movie mission impossible III (author forgot what year this movie release) Indonesia blamed one tv show.