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Friday, 18 January 2013

Automatically share blog posts to facebook status

Can post on our blog automatically appears as a status on facebook? So the term while diving drink milk he he he. Of course it could be realized with the help of RSS Graffiti app that is on facebook. Recent RSS Graffiti app version 2.0 BETA.
How to share blog posts appear as facebook status:
* Open your facebook, then click in the search field "rss graffiti"
* You will see a confirmation of the use of RSS Graffiti app, click on the app.
* After entering the RSS Graffiti application, click ADD NEW PUBLISHING PLAN, name publishing our plan.
* After publishing plan name and click create, for example, the author uses the name of "testing".

* Now we start to begin filling in the column source ADD_NEW, please click and fill in the address of our blog. Finished click add source.
* So also in the target column ADD_NEW, please click and fill with our facebook accout and click save changes.
* Click the ON off to turn into green.

* Finish

Now please make a new post after it was posted to the bolg, it would appear as follows:

Hopefully the article is useful for all my friends.