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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Culinary Package Gereh and Package Mushrooms

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Trying to share the culinary disemarang, gereh package $0.5 (5000 Rupiah). Gereh it what? for the uninitiated ... gereh is dried and salted fish taste, according to the dictionary.

Behind the paragon mall Thamrin area, there is a shop that sells package gereh package foods like mushrooms and packages. The package already with iced tea, for the price should not be asked ... very cheap. Package gereh plus iced tea only $ 0.5 (5000 Rupiah) and mushrooms plus iced tea package
only $0.6 (6000 rupiah). All packages are disertain with vegetables (cucumbers and leaf basil) and a steady red sauce.

As can be seen below:
* Package Gereh :

* Package Mushrooms :


Please if you want to try the package gereh and mushroom, delicious taste and its low price will make you addicted. 


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    1. Betul mas bro...welcome and nikmatin gurihnya :D

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